Friday, May 27, 2016

Sage Fitness will be closed for Memorial Day, see you Tuesday for the 4:30 Pilates Barre

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You are invited to a Beautycounter event, Saturday, June 26 at 2pm at Sage Fitness. Please Save the date.

 Do You Know: Eighty percent of the ingredients of skin care products have not been tested by our government for safety since 1938. Toxic ingredients in our largest organ, our skin are being absorbed into our bodies..These ingredients have been linked to health issues like, cancer, hormone disruptors, thyroid issues, weight gain skin and eye irrations, rashes and more.

 You will be able to  learn, touch and experience these amazing plant based nourishing skin care beauty products.  Beautycounter has removed more than 1200 toxins from their products, the extra bonus is skin that is clean, hydrated and glowing with no toxins.

As a special promo spend $25 and receive a free sample pack of the Essential creams and cleansers which you will love. They include: cream cleanser, exfoliating cream, AM and PM hydrating cream AND  eye cream.  A great way to get introduced to the product line. Save the date.