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Whether you want to enhance your physical performance or simply
get back into shape, Sage Fitness was designed to help our clients learn
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We want to help you establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

We offer individualized personal training programs tailored to help you
reach your fitness goals.

Our objective is to make each person feel comfortable and confidant,
providing personal attention and encouragement.

We also offer over 7 classes per week from spinning & cardio
to weight loss and body sculpture. Our classes are intimate and unique,
designed to breathe new life into your exercise program.

Whatever your fitness goals are, we are here to help you reach them.

For Women Seeking Weight Loss

If you struggle with...

Stress Eating * Insatiable Hunger * Sugar Cravings * Stubborn fat *

Food addiction

This scientifically proven method will help you drop unwanted pounds, increase your energy, and discover a new lease on life!

  1. What we have been taught about dieting is all wrong.
    • Heal Your Metabolism To Lose Up To 12 Pounds In 30 Days.
    • Learn how to transform your body, health and hormones
    • Increase your metabolism and energy
    • Learn how to burn fat as your primary source of fuel
Call for your free private weight loss consultation today, what have you got to lose

besides excess weight?

Anna St. Pierre, NASCA/CPT - Director

Sage Fitness and Weight Loss Center

New Paltz, N.Y.

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